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Istanbul. it was impossible not to notice the past and the present co-existing there. An ancient Roman wall, Greek letters cut into stone, an Ottoman carving above the door handle--artifacts from thousands of years ago a breath away from the completely new, a country reaching into the future. I wanted to paint them both, together, on the same plane, the same canvas. Like a bridge between two continents but in this case, create something that connected the past with the present.

I wrap linen over the "ancient" and with charcoal or pastel, make an imprint of it (frottage, some call it). Then back to my studio for the "modern" layer--gestural, intense colors applied with my emotions focused on the now of that place. Then I roll the linen up and head back to the location for another round, another layer of the past. Back and forth, back and forth until I feel the past and the present almost touch.

After Istanbul, came Brooklyn and her bridge, and now the Hudson River and the history laying along her shores. Barcelona and San Francisco are my next stops.